North Shore Light
Oil on linen
24 x 30


Using photographs, journal writings and sense memories, I strove to capture an impactful time in my twenties when I lived in Los Angeles, California. In many ways, the West Coast has a strikingly different ambience than the East Coast landscape in which I was raised. In the piece, I incorporated these contrasts and notations, as well as the novelty and exhilaration of living on one’s own. I strove to express the array of emotions and experiences during my LA period. Through the use of several layers of acrylic paint, I sought to find patterns, discover the unexpected and to meld textures and colors. I created tension through the interplay of hues, values, chroma and differing paint textures. I repeatedly experimented to arrive at this finished piece, “LA Nights.”

Vermont Spring
Oil on linen
18 x 18