Grateful for Harvard Artists Talk

"I could not possibly be any happier than I am with the painting I commissioned from Cara.  Her art is intense, vibrant, emotional and indelible.  With her brush she expresses the universals that underlay the human condition through the particulars of each individual composition."--Eric Forman, Fine Art Collector, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 

 "Cara's landscape works have a depth to them that a photograph or a recent memory have trouble competing with in terms of leaving an impression.  I explained my vision of capturing my favorite memories of Tod’s Point in Old Greenwich in a painting for my home and she just ran with it.  I now have my favorite view from the beach indelibly marked in both my memory and a perfect painting in my home."--Mike Maiolo, CEO, Old Greenwich, CT.  

"Cara McCabe's painting "Still" evokes the serenity of dawn on a calm harbor, a childhood experience for me growing up sailingwith my father, just before the bustle of early beach strollers or launches running out to boats. The colors evoke peace and the subject a deeper connection between humans and nature-- the tool of the wooden boat resting on the belly of mother nature's sea." -- Christina W. Blaustein, Career and Healing Coach, Amagansett, NY.

"Cara is an outstanding artist, equally skilled in painting, mixed media, and printmaking. Her work is fresh, spontaneous and yet skilled in its execution. Her artistic style continues to emerge as fresh and expressive, and colleagues admire her both as an artist and friend. Her inspiration and instruction encourages her fellow artists on their journey." --C.J. Guerin, M.A. Faculty of Silvermine School of Art for 26 years. Silvermine Guild Artist-Elect.

"I commissioned Cara to paint a portrait of my daughter as a gift for her mom. I'd say she basically crushed it, mischievous eye squint and all. It was a great gift."--Daryl Jones, Head of Sales and Director of Research, Greenwich, CT.

"I commissioned Cara to paint my daughter’s portrait and could not be happier with the result - it really captures my daughter's joyful spirit and is a pleasure to look at every day. The process of working with Cara was very easy and professional. I am so happy with the result I have commissioned another piece from her." -- Pam Deming, Interior Designer, Darien, CT.

"Cara's painting of boats in Newburyport Harbor is captivating. The layers and colors perfectly capture my memories of this very special place. I could not imagine a more perfect painting for this space in our home."--Ariana O'Malley.